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Nonemployer Establishments in 2016
NAICS based data
11Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting3,999271.0 %28
21Mining632210.2 %17
22Utilities305200.1 %4
23Construction47,9281711.8 %14
31-33Manufacturing7,055171.7 %15
42Wholesale Trade6,179211.5 %25
44-45Retail Trade40,5371510.0 %10
48-49Transportation & Warehousing26,961206.6 %17
51Information4,548211.1 %30
52Finance and Insurance11,515202.8 %28
53Real Estate and Rental and Leasing44,2752010.9 %29
54Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services45,7492311.2 %40
56Admin. & Support & Waste Mgt. & Rem. Services33,730218.3 %15
61Educational Services12,432203.1 %21
62Health Care and Social Services27,728226.8 %40
71Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation20,472235.0 %36
72Accommodation and Food Services5,134241.3 %35
81Other Services (Except Public Administration)67,7401416.6 %13

D = Data are not disclosable for confidentiality reasons.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau