Indiana Custom Region Manager

Custom regions are user-created collections of Indiana counties that can be viewed as a single geography or as a group of individual counties. Users may create up to 10 custom regions.

Each region is stored as a cookie, so you must have cookies enabled to use custom regions. Click here for more information about cookies.

The region manager will not function properly if your browser is not configured to support cookies. Consult your browser help for instructions to enable cookies.

Create a New Region

My Custom Regions

The list below includes all custom regions you have created. (If you have not created a region yet, a sample region is provided.)

'Delete' removes selected region from the list.

Pre-made Sample Regions

You can also add a pre-made region to your region collection by selecting one below and clicking 'Add Sample.'

Counties in Selected Region

'Edit' modifies selected region.

Once built, you can use these regions in some of the data outputs on the various topic pages.