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College Enrollment and MigrationNumberRankPercent
Total Enrollment in Indiana - All Degree-Granting Institutions (2016)419,20316
Freshmen Enrollment (2016)*
  Freshmen Enrollment in Indiana Schools45,70212100.0%
      — In-State Students32,1041170.2 %20
      — Out-of-State Students13,598829.8 %32
  Freshmen from Indiana Enrolled Anywhere37,73114100.0%
      — Going In-State32,1041185.1 %8
      — Going Out-of-State5,6272214.9 %44
Net Migration of Freshmen7,9713

*Freshmen students in 4-year degree-granting institutions who graduated from high school in the previous 12 months.
Source: National Center for Education Statistics

Graduate Student Enrollment in Science and Engineering (2016)NumberRankPercent
  Science Graduate Students10,63810100.0 %
      — Minorities1,6191415.2 %32
      — On Temporary Visas3,9461037.1 %7
  Engineering Graduate Students4,64810100.0 %
      — Minorities4851810.4 %42
      — On Temporary Visas2,7681059.6 %12

Source: National Science Foundation