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About the Indiana Nonprofit Database

The Indiana Nonprofit database is a combination of three separate sources of information in order to provide much more current information than in past versions. We provide this information as another dimension to the Indiana Nonprofits: Scope and Community Dimensions project of Indiana University, which provides analytical reports with rich data on the status of nonprofits in Indiana.

Geographic Coverage

Geographic Coverage

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Data Sources

Sources of listings in this database include:

  1. IRS: Internal Revenue Service microdata files are based on Form 990 submitted by tax-exempt organizations.  More information and access to the complete IRS file can be found at These are updated annually.
  2. SOS: Secretary of State files are made available to us in order to tabulate and also provide information on those organizations in Indiana filing as nonprofits. You can also search for all incorporations filed with the Indiana Secretary of State at These are updated monthly.
  3. IBRC: Indiana Business Research Center listings are compiled using multiple subscription directories. These are updated twice a year.


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