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ZIP Code Data

We aren’t fond of ZIP code data, since the geography can be vague and boundaries change—sometimes a lot. But, we recognize that some users need small area data and ZIP code might be the only way to get it.

  • Bankruptcies and Foreclosures: Current bankruptcy and foreclosure counts searchable by state, county or ZIP code (

  • Census 2010 Edition Reports: A free set of reports, including by ZIP code, that are easy to select and use (EASI).

  • Decennial Census: American FactFinder provides information for both 3-digit and 5-digit ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs), which are approximations of ZIP codes based on census blocks (Census Bureau).
  • EASI Demographics: If you can pay for data, this vendor provides dozens of variables by ZIP code across the country.
  • Income Tax Data: Selected income and tax items for Indiana ZIP codes (STATS Indiana / IRS).

  • Local Employment Dynamics: OnTheMap enables access to detailed commuting patterns, along with companion reports on age, earnings, industry distribution and local workforce indicators for a variety of geographies including ZIP codes (Census Bureau).

  • Melissa Data: A variety of data: some free, some fee.

  • Policy Map: Some of the data are free, so this can be a real help when looking for census tract or ZIP code data. You can also subscribe and then use the tools to add and map your own data.
  • Purchasing Power and Workforce Density Profiles: Comparison data on purchasing power, business activity, and workforce density for all census tracts, residential ZIP codes, and the 100 largest metro areas in the U.S. (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

  • ZIP Code and Area Code Profiles: Search by address, city or county and view stats and demographics, as well as shipping options.

  • ZIP Code Business Patterns: Employment and payroll information, as well as number of establishments by industry and size class (Census Bureau).


View maps or use the Excel spreadsheets below to see which ZIP codes fall into a given geography.