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A region's economy thrives or dives because of the people who choose to live there. Monitoring change in the size and movement of population is an important barometer of well-being since it can presage more notable events, such as lackluster business attraction due to lack of workers.

Popular Tables

Total Population Decennial Census Annual Estimates Projections
States 1900-2010 2010-2016 View list
Indiana Counties 1900-2010 2010-2016 2010-2050
Indiana Places (Cities and Towns) 1900-2010 2010-2015 n/a
Indiana Townships 1890-2010 2010-2015 n/a
Population by Age*
States and U.S. Counties   2000-2015 n/a
Indiana Counties   2000-2015 2010-2050
Population by Race and Hispanic Origin*
States and U.S. Counties   2000-2015 n/a
Indiana Counties   2000-2015 2010-2040**

*These data are not available for places and townships
** Selected counties only

Annual Estimates

Additional Census Data

Intercensal Estimates

After each census, the Census Bureau revisits the annual estimates to take into account differences between those estimates produced during the decade and the decennial census results. View more intercensal estimate data.

2000s (Released September 2011)

1990s (Released April 17, 2002)


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