The word profile originates from the Italian word profilare, meaning to draw in outline. We provide a variety of such outlines of counties, states, metropolitan areas.  And if you aren’t happy with existing configurations for regions or metros, you can even create your own region.

Why so many profiles?  Mostly it is due to the availability of data — we have the most data for Indiana counties, so we call that profile IN Depth. The USA Counties in Profile allows you to compare Indiana and its counties to the other 3,000+ nationwide. The County/Metro Side-by-Side Profile allows you to compare up to four areas at once — whether it is a county, a metropolitan or micropolitan area, or state.


Indiana IN Depth

Data from both state agencies and federal sources focus on Indiana's counties, regions and metros from state and federal data with ranks and the ability to create your own custom region.


States IN Profile

Using federal and state data, this profile compares your state to others nationwide, complete with linked ranks.


USA Counties IN Profile

Compare and contrast your county to others nationwide and easily locate counties that are similar or dissimilar. The linked ranks provide a unique way to see counties and states when compared to everywhere else in the nation.


USA County/Metro Side-by-Side

A fast way to compare up to four counties, states, metros or any combination of those — side-by-side!