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Indiana Census Tract Data by City and Town

The tract data shown will be those tracts or portions of tracts within the city or town limits. Note: Census tracts can cross city or town boundaries, but do not cross county boundaries.

Aberdeen CDP
Advance town
Akron town
Alamo town
Albany town
Albion town
Alexandria city
Alfordsville town
Alton town
Altona town
Ambia town
Amboy town
Americus CDP
Amo town
Anderson city
Andrews town
Angola city
Arcadia town
Argos town
Arlington CDP
Ashley town
Atlanta town
Attica city
Auburn city
Aurora city
Austin city
Avilla town
Avoca CDP
Avon town
Bainbridge town
Bargersville town
Bass Lake CDP
Batesville city
Battle Ground town
Bedford city
Beech Grove city
Berne city
Bethany town
Beverly Shores town
Bicknell city
Birdseye town
Blanford CDP
Bloomfield town
Bloomingdale town
Bloomington city
Blountsville town
Bluffton city
Boonville city
Borden town
Boston town
Boswell town
Bourbon town
Brazil city
Bremen town
Bright CDP
Bristol town
Brook town
Brooklyn town
Brooksburg town
Brookston town
Brookville town
Brownsburg town
Brownstown town
Bruceville town
Bryant town
Buck Creek CDP
Buffalo CDP
Bunker Hill town
Burket town
Burlington town
Burnettsville town
Burns City CDP
Burns Harbor town
Butler city
Butlerville CDP
Cadiz town
Cambridge City town
Camden town
Campbellsburg town
Canaan CDP
Cannelburg town
Cannelton city
Carbon town
Carlisle town
Carmel city
Carthage town
Cayuga town
Cedar Grove town
Cedar Lake town
Center Point town
Centerville town
Chalmers town
Chandler town
Charlestown city
Chesterfield town
Chesterton town
Chrisney town
Churubusco town
Cicero town
Clarksburg CDP
Clarks Hill town
Clarksville town
Clay City town
Claypool town
Clayton town
Clear Lake town
Clermont town
Clifford town
Clinton city
Cloverdale town
Coalmont CDP
Coatesville town
Colburn CDP
Colfax town
Collegeville CDP
Columbia City city
Columbus city
Connersville city
Converse town
Cordry Sweetwater Lakes CDP
Corunna town
Corydon town
Country Club Heights town
Country Squire Lakes CDP
Covington city
Crandall town
Crane town
Crawfordsville city
Cromwell town
Crothersville town
Crown Point city
Crows Nest town
Culver town
Cumberland town
Cynthiana town
Dale town Daleville town
Dana town
Danville town
Darlington town
Darmstadt town
Dayton town
Decatur city
Decker town
Delphi city
De Motte town
Denver town
Deputy CDP
Dillsboro town
Dover Hill CDP
Dresser CDP
Dublin town
Dubois CDP
Dugger town
Dune Acres town
Dunkirk city
Dunlap CDP
Dunreith town
Dupont town
Dyer town
Earl Park town
East Chicago city
East Enterprise CDP
East Germantown town
Eaton town
Economy town
Edgewood town
Edinburgh town
Edwardsport town
Elberfeld town
Elizabeth town
Elizabethtown town
Elkhart city
Ellettsville town
Elnora town
Elwood city
Emison CDP
English town
Etna Green town
Evansville city
Fairland town
Fairmount town
Fairview Park town
Farmersburg town
Farmland town
Ferdinand town
Fillmore town
Fishers town
Fish Lake CDP
Flora town
Florence CDP
Fontanet CDP
Fort Branch town
Fortville town
Fort Wayne city
Fountain City town
Fowler town
Fowlerton town
Francesville town
Francisco town
Frankfort city
Franklin city
Frankton town
Fredericksburg town
Freelandville CDP
Freetown CDP
Fremont town
French Lick town
Fulton town
Galena CDP
Galveston town
Garrett city
Gary city
Gas City city
Gaston town
Geneva town
Gentryville town
Georgetown town
Glenwood town
Goodland town
Goshen city
Gosport town
Grabill town
Grandview town
Granger CDP
Greencastle city
Greendale city
Greenfield city
Greensboro town
Greensburg city
Greens Fork town
Greentown town
Greenville town
Greenwood city
Griffin town
Griffith town
Grissom AFB CDP
Hagerstown town
Hamilton town
Hamlet town
Hammond city
Hanna CDP
Hanover town
Hardinsburg town
Harlan CDP
Harmony town
Harrodsburg CDP
Hartford City city
Hartsville town
Hatfield CDP
Haubstadt town
Hayden CDP
Hazleton town
Hebron town
Henryville CDP
Herbst CDP
Heritage Lake CDP
Hidden Valley CDP
Highland town
Highland CDP
Hillsboro town
Hoagland CDP
Hobart city
Holland town
Holton town
Homecroft town
Hope town
Howe CDP
Hudson town
Hudson Lake CDP
Huntertown town
Huntingburg city
Huntington city
Hymera town
Idaville CDP
Indianapolis city (balance)
Indian Heights CDP
Indian Village town
Ingalls town
Jalapa CDP
Jamestown town
Jasonville city
Jasper city
Jeffersonville city
Jonesboro city
Jonesville town
Kempton town
Kendallville city
Kennard town
Kent CDP
Kentland town
Kewanna town
Kimmell CDP
Kingman town
Kingsbury town
Kingsford Heights town
Kirklin town
Knightstown town
Knightsville town
Knox city
Kokomo city
Koontz Lake CDP
Kouts town
Laconia town
La Crosse town
Ladoga town
Lafayette city
La Fontaine town
Lagrange town
Lagro town
Lake Dalecarlia CDP
Lake Holiday CDP
Lake Santee CDP
Lakes of the Four Seasons CDP
Lake Station city
Laketon CDP
Lake Village CDP
Lakeville town
Landess CDP
Lanesville town
La Paz town
Lapel town
La Porte city
Larwill town
Laurel town
Lawrence city
Lawrenceburg city
Leavenworth town
Lebanon city
Leesburg town
Leo-Cedarville town
Lewisville town
Liberty town
Ligonier city
Linden town
Linton city
Little York town
Livonia town
Lizton town
Logansport city
Long Beach town
Loogootee city
Losantville town
Lowell town
Lynn town
Lynnville town
Lyons town
McCordsville town
Mackey town
Macy town
Madison city
Manilla CDP
Marengo town
Marion city
Markle town
Markleville town
Marshall town
Martinsville city
Matthews town
Mauckport town
Mecca town
Medaryville town
Medora town
Mellott town
Melody Hill CDP
Memphis CDP
Mentone town
Meridian Hills town
Merom town
Merrillville town
Metamora CDP
Mexico CDP
Michiana Shores town
Michigan City city
Michigantown town
Middlebury town
Middletown town
Mier CDP
Milan town
Milford town
Millersburg town
Millhousen town
Milltown town
Milroy CDP
Milton town
Mishawaka city
Mitchell city
Modoc town
Monon town
Monroe town
Monroe City town
Monroeville town
Monrovia town
Monterey town
Montezuma town
Montgomery town
Monticello city
Montmorenci CDP
Montpelier city
Mooreland town
Moores Hill town
Mooresville town
Morgantown town
Morocco town
Morristown town
Mount Auburn town
Mount Ayr town
Mount Carmel town
Mount Etna town
Mount Summit town
Mount Vernon city
Mulberry town
Muncie city
Munster town
Napoleon town
Nappanee city
Nashville town
New Albany city
New Amsterdam town
Newberry town
Newburgh town
New Carlisle town
New Castle city
New Chicago town
New Goshen CDP
New Harmony town
New Haven city
New Market town
New Middletown town
New Palestine town
New Paris CDP
New Pekin town
New Point town
Newport town
New Richmond town
New Ross town
New Salisbury CDP
Newtown town
New Trenton CDP
New Washington CDP
New Whiteland town
Noblesville city
North Crows Nest town
North Judson town
North Liberty town
North Manchester town
North Salem town
North Terre Haute CDP
North Vernon city
North Webster town
Norway CDP
Notre Dame CDP
Oakland City city
Oaktown town
Odon town
Ogden Dunes town
Oldenburg town
Onward town
Oolitic town
Orestes town
Orland town
Orleans town
Osceola town
Osgood town
Ossian town
Otterbein town
Otwell CDP
Owensburg CDP
Owensville town
Oxford town
Painted Hills CDP
Palmyra town
Paoli town
Paragon town
Parker City town
Parkers Settlement CDP
Patoka town
Patriot town
Pendleton town
Pennville town
Perrysville town
Peru city
Petersburg city
Pierceton town
Pine Village town
Pittsboro town
Plainfield town
Plainville town
Plymouth city
Point Isabel CDP
Poneto town
Portage city
Porter town
Portland city
Poseyville town
Pottawattamie Park town
Princes Lakes town
Princeton city
Purdue University CDP
Raglesville CDP
Ragsdale CDP
Redkey town
Remington town
Rensselaer city
Reynolds town
Richland town
Richmond city
Ridgeville town
Riley town
Rising Sun city
River Forest town
Roachdale town
Roann town
Roanoke town
Rochester city
Rockport city
Rockville town
Rocky Ripple town
Rolling Prairie CDP
Rome City town
Rosedale town
Roseland town
Roselawn CDP
Rossville town
Royal Center town
Rushville city
Russellville town
Russiaville town
St. Bernice CDP
St. Joe town
St. John town
St. Leon town
St. Mary of the Woods CDP
St. Meinrad CDP
St. Paul town
Salamonia town
Salem city
Salt Creek Commons CDP
Saltillo town
Sandborn town
San Pierre CDP
Santa Claus town
Saratoga town
Schererville town
Schneider town Scipio CDP
Scotland CDP
Scottsburg city
Seelyville town
Sellersburg town
Selma town
Seymour city
Shadeland town
Shamrock Lakes town
Sharpsville town
Shelburn town
Shelby CDP
Shelbyville city
Shepardsville CDP
Sheridan town
Shipshewana town
Shirley town
Shoals town
Shorewood Forest CDP
Sidney town
Silver Lake town
Simonton Lake CDP
Sims CDP
Smithville-Sanders CDP
Somerset CDP
Somerville town
South Bend city
South Haven CDP
Southport city
South Whitley town
Speedway town
Spencer town
Spiceland town
Spring Grove town
Spring Hill town
Spring Lake town
Springport town
Spurgeon town
Star City CDP
State Line City town
Staunton town
Stilesville town
Stinesville town
Stockwell CDP
Straughn town
Sullivan city
Sulphur Springs town
Summitville town
Sunman town
Swayzee town
Sweetser town
Switz City town
Syracuse town
Taylorsville CDP
Tecumseh CDP
Tell City city
Tennyson town
Terre Haute city
Thorntown town
Tipton city
Toad Hop CDP
Topeka town
Town of Pines town
Trafalgar town
Trail Creek town
Tri-Lakes CDP
Troy town
Ulen town
Union City city
Uniondale town
Universal town
Upland town
Utica town
Vallonia CDP
Valparaiso city
Van Bibber Lake CDP
Van Buren town
Veedersburg town
Vera Cruz town
Vernon town
Versailles town
Vevay town
Vincennes city
Wabash city
Wakarusa town
Waldron CDP
Walkerton town
Wallace town
Walton town
Wanatah town
Warren town
Warren Park town
Warsaw city
Washington city
Waterloo town
Waveland town
Waynetown town
West Baden Springs town
West College Corner town
Westfield town
West Harrison town
West Lafayette city
West Lebanon town
Westphalia CDP
West Point CDP
Westport town
West Terre Haute town
Westville town
Wheatfield town
Wheatland town
Wheeler CDP
Whiteland town
Whitestown town
Whitewater town
Whiting city
Wilkinson town
Williams CDP
Williams Creek town
Williamsport town
Winamac town
Winchester city
Windfall City town
Winfield town
Wingate town
Winona Lake town
Winslow town
Wolcott town
Wolcottville town
Woodburn city
Woodlawn Heights town
Worthington town
Wynnedale town
Yeoman town
Yorktown town
Zanesville town
Zionsville town