ISTEP Interruptions by School District

This map shows how many students in each school district experienced computer interruptions during ISTEP testing in Spring 2013. It contains only the interruptions reported by CTB. Click on a district to see the details.

When looking at the data, note that Math and English are tested in all grades (3 through 8); science is tested in grades 4 and 6; while Social Studies is tested in grades 5 and 7. Percentages are calculated accordingly. Also, some students were interrupted in more than one content area, so adding up the content area interruptions may exceed the total percentage of individual students interrupted. Learn more about ISTEP »

Source: Indiana Business Research Center, using data provided by the Indiana Department of Education, July 2013

Students Interrupted

0% to 5%
5% to 15%
15% to 25%
25% to 35%
35% to 56%