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Hamilton County, Indiana

Organized in 1823 and named for Alexander Hamilton, first secretary of the treasury

County Seat: Noblesville

Largest City: Carmel (2016 population: 91,065)

Population per Square Mile: 802.37

Square Miles: 394.30

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Population over TimeNumberRank in StatePercent of StateIndiana
Yesterday (2010)274,56944.2%6,484,136
Today (2016)316,37344.8%6,633,053
Tomorrow (2020 projection)*359,03545.2%6,852,121
Percent Change 2010 to Today15.2%1 2.3%

*Projection based on 2010 Census counts.
Sources: U.S. Census Bureau; Indiana Business Research Center

Components of Population Change, 2015-2016NumberRank in StatePercent of StateIndiana
Net Domestic Migration3,9131 -12,135
Net International Migration7335 11,052
Natural Increase (births minus deaths)2,17229.7%22,358

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Population Estimates by Age, 2016NumberRank in StatePct Dist.
in County
Pct Dist.
in State
Preschool (0 to 4)21,54446.8%6.4%
School Age (5 to 17)66,353421.0%17.4%
College Age (18 to 24)23,75377.5%10.0%
Young Adult (25 to 44)85,264427.0%25.2%
Older Adult (45 to 64)83,280426.3%26.1%
Seniors (65 and older)36,179511.4%14.9%
Median Age36.8  Median Age = 37.6

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau; Indiana Business Research Center

Population Estimates by Race and Hispanic Origin, 2016NumberRank of Pct Dist.
in County
Pct Dist.
in State
American Indian or Alaska Native Alone64070.2%0.4%
Asian Alone18,94426.0%2.2%
Black Alone13,11264.1%9.7%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pac. Isl. Alone16760.1%0.1%
Two or More Race Groups6,07251.9%2.0%
Hispanic or Latino Origin (can be of any race)    

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Household TypesNumberRank in StatePct Dist.
in County
Pct Dist.
in State
Households in 2015 (Includes detail not shown below)108,2534100.0%100.0%
Married With Children35,836233.1%19.2%
Married Without Children31,603429.2%30.0%
Single Parents8,01777.4%9.8%
Living Alone23,439621.7%28.0%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-year estimates.

HousingNumberRank in StatePct Dist.
in County
Pct Dist.
in State
Total Housing Units in 2016 (estimate)123,9504100.0%100.0%
Total Housing Units in 2015 (includes vacant units)104,9585100.0%100.0%
Owner Occupied
(Pct. distribution based on all housing units)
Median Value (2015)$222,9001  
Renter Occupied
(Pct. distribution based on all housing units)
Median Rent (2015)$8711  

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-year estimates.

EducationNumberRank in StatePercent of StateIndiana
School Enrollment (2016/2017 Total Reported) 62,02945.6%1,110,866
Adults (25+ in 2015 ACS)190,78844.4%4,316,273
with High School diploma or higher96.1%1 87.8%
with B.A. or higher degree55.9%1 24.1%

Sources: Indiana Department of Education; U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-year estimates.

Income and PovertyNumberRank in StatePercent of StateIndiana
Per Capita Personal Income (annual) in 2015$64,6541154.2%41,940
Median Household Income in 201591,8441181.8%$50,510
Poverty Rate in 20154.7%9232.6%14.4%
Poverty Rate among Children under 185.2%9225.5%20.4%
Welfare (TANF) Monthly Average Families in 201660260.8%7,519
Food Stamp Recipients in 20168,111191.1%722,928
Free and Reduced Fee Lunch Recipients in 2016/20179,213111.9%495,330

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis; U.S. Census Bureau; Indiana Family Social Services Administration; Indiana Department of Education

Health and Vital StatisticsNumberRank of Percent of StateIndiana
Births, 20153,90244.6%84,008
Births to Teens, 201573171.2%5,876
Deaths, 20151,55072.5%62,666

Source: Indiana State Department of Health

Labor Force, 2016NumberRank in StatePercent of StateIndiana
Total Resident Labor Force172,14245.2%3,326,893
Annual Unemployment Rate3.29172.7%4.4
August 2017 Unemployment Rate3.38382.5%4.0

Source: STATS Indiana, using data from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Employment and Earnings by Industry, 2015 EmploymentPct Dist.
in County
Earnings ($000)Pct Dist.
In County
Avg. Earnings Per Job
Total by place of work189,803100.0%$10,500,580100.0%$55,324
Wage and Salary144,33576.0%$7,524,42471.7%$52,132
Farm Proprietors4870.3%$-3,160-0.0%$-6,489
Nonfarm Proprietors44,98123.7%$1,475,17114.0%$32,795
  Accommodation, Food Serv.14,4567.6%$323,1513.1%$22,354
  Arts, Ent., Recreation4,7052.5%$70,8080.7%$15,050
  Health Care, Social Serv.18,2969.6%$1,133,57110.8%$61,957
  Professional, Tech. Serv.17,4869.2%$1,145,23210.9%$65,494
  Retail Trade20,66010.9%$724,4016.9%$35,063
  Trans., Warehousing2,4561.3%$115,7031.1%$47,110
  Wholesale Trade8,3104.4%$851,8998.1%$102,515
  Other Private (not above)68,03735.8%$3,949,45337.6%$58,049

Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Residential Building Permits, 2016UnitsPct Dist.
in County
Pct Dist.
in State
Cost ($000)State Cost ($000)
Total Permits Filed2,553100.0%100.0%$793,129$3,875,847
3- and 4-Family873.4%0.9%$11,720$21,320
5+ Family25710.1%20.9%$26,322$372,642

Notes: Detail cost may not sum to total due to rounding. Greene County does not currently issue building permits, so it is excluded.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Largest Cities and Towns in Hamilton County

in 2016
Percent of County
* This place crosses county lines, so only population in this county is shown.
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