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About the Indiana Family and Social Services (FSSA) Monthly Data

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Time Span

October 2002 - forward


Data Definitions can be found at the end of Indiana Family and Social Services "Monthly Management Reports"
For quick reference we have attached a Monthly Management Report (pages 9-11 have the data definitions) - Data Definitions

Important Data Notes

  1. Prior to October 2003, IMPACT caseloads did not include Employed or Sanction clients. Beginning October 2003, ICES programming changes allowed the capturing of these data. 
  2. Child services data (substantiated and indicated child abuse and neglect data) - A child may be counted more than one time and/or in more than one category. Therefore, this is a duplicate count. These numbers include institutional investigations.
  3. Total number of children with indicated child abuse - indicated status became effective July 1, 2004.
  4. Since the creation of the Department of Child Services, the child abuse and neglect data are no longer included in FSSA's monthly data. However, the annual averages continue to be made available.
  5. All data were collected at the end of the reporting month. 
  6. Data may differ slightly from published reports due to rounding.
  7. The increase in the number of TANF cases with benefits reduced to zero between January and February 2003 is due to a policy change regarding the earned income disregard.  Many cases moved over to the cases with cash benefits reduced to zero because of the policy. For more information on this policy change contact Indiana Family and Social Services.