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About the Annual Indiana Department of Education Data

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) collects education statistics from all public and nonpublic accredited schools and school corporations (districts) in Indiana. These statistics are made publicly available on its Indiana K-12 Education Data website.

Geographic Coverage

Geographic Coverage

  • Indiana
  • Indiana counties
  • Indiana school corporations




Time Span

1990 (1989/1990 school year) - forward, whenever available


Historic school and school corporation level statistics are occasionally revised by individual school corporations. Each update of a data series on this website includes revised figures for as many years of historic data as are available; therefore, statistics for earlier years may change over time.

Important Data Notes

  • IDOE data files have different update schedules throughout the year, and updated statistics are posted on STATS Indiana as they become available.

  • Corporation totals may not agree with the sum of the schools within the corporation, because corporation totals may include students not assignable to a specific school, such as those who attend alternative programs or special-ed co-ops. 

  • Nonpublic corporation-level statistics are aggregated based on the geographic (i.e. public) corporation in which the nonpublic school is located.

  • County totals are derived from school-level statistics, aggregated by the county in which the school is located.  In some cases this county differs from the county to which the school corporation has been assigned.    

  • State totals are usually derived from corporation-level statistics, since those statistics more accurately reflect the total population of students.

  • State totals do not include pre-kindergarten totals.

  • IDOE suppresses student performance data for any group of less than 10 students; county and state aggregations of student performance data will be low due to this federal data suppression requirement.
  • Public school statistics include charter schools. Each charter school is its own corporation, and there is no method to assign a charter school to the geographic corporation in which it is located.  Therefore, corporation totals do not include the charter schools which may be physically located within those geographic corporations. However, since charter schools are identified by their counties of location, county totals do include the charter schools within their boundaries.

  • Nonpublic statistics for the years 2005/06 forward include accredited schools only, while nonpublic statistics for years prior to 2005/06 include both accredited and nonaccredited schools.  Time series analysis of nonpublic statistics should be interpreted with caution.

  • IDOE changed its graduation rate calculation to a standard four-year adjusted cohort method with the 2005-06 school year.  Time series analysis of graduation rates should be interpreted with caution.
  • Zeroes and null values are both used in IDOE files to denote an actual value of zero, and null values are also used to indicate data not reported. Null values in the data should be interpreted with caution.

Data Source

Indiana Department of Education