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Property Sales Disclosure Form Data

The State of Indiana requires the filing of a sales disclosure form (SDF) whenever real property is sold. One primary use of these data is to help determine the annual market-based adjustments of assessed property values.

These data are made available for use in other research through a partnership between the Department of Local Government Finance and the Indiana Business Research Center. Learn more about the SDF database »

Data Files

The files below are zipped pipe-delimited ( | ) text files. Note that files for the full year are quite large (more than 10 MB). When opening these files in Excel, select {none} as the text qualifier and set your delimiter to Other ( | ) during the import process.

Current Year

Data for the current year are cumulative and updated weekly. County assessors have the option to have such disclosures filed through a free tool, so those counties’ data are automatically included. You will need to view the file to see counties covered.

Prior Years

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