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Innovation Metrics

Innovation is a key ingredient in an economy’s ability to increase the standard of living for a region’s residents.


  • Innovation 2.0 (STATS America): Version 2.0 reflects the latest in innovation research and features more than 50 new variables. It provides insight into the innovation capacity and output of a region, helping regional leaders see a region's weaknesses, strengths and potential.

  • Innovation Index Version 1 (STATS America): A county-based tool for exploring regional innovation performance relative to the United States, a state or other regions. It provides a quick snapshot of how a region is doing in terms of innovation plus the ability to drill down into the highly granular data to gain a better understanding about a region’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • State Technology and Science Index (Milken Institute): This index offers a state-level look at human capital; research and development; risk capital and entrepreneurial infrastructure; the technology and science workforce; and technology concentration.

  • Kauffman Indicators of Entrepreneurship (Kauffman Foundation): This data set explores early stage entrepreneurship and new employer businesses.

  • The Global Innovation Index: The Global Innovation Index (GII) aims to capture the multi-dimensional facets of innovation and provide the tools that can assist in tailoring policies to promote long-term output growth, improved productivity and job growth.

  • Latent Innovation (Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development, Penn State): These county-level data measure latent (or hidden) innovation in local economies based on spillovers among industries in terms of inter-industry sales and purchases, as well as spatial proximity.