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Every 10 years the congressional and legislative districts within states are redrawn because the districts must be of roughly equal population by law.

2020 Census Redistricting

On October 4, 2021, Governor Holcomb signed the state's new legislative and congressional districts into law. These took effect in the November 2022 elections.


Indiana's Redistricting Process


Which States Gained/Lost Seats in Congress?

Indiana kept its 9 congressional seats after the 2020 Census results were tallied (it hasn't lost a seat since Census 2000). The Midwest lost several seats, with gains in the South and West.

Indiana's 2011 Statewide Districts

On May 10, 2011, Governor Daniels signed the state's 2011 legislative and congressional districts into law.


Click on the icons below to view maps of Indiana's districts (in PNG and PDF formats). Shapefiles of these legislative districts are available for download from IndianaMap.

  • Congressional DistrictsPNGPDF
  • Senate Districts PNGPDF
  • House Districts PNGPDF

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Local Redistricting

To assist cities and towns in drawing new districts, STATS Indiana provides block-level population data by age and sex from the decennial census.

  • Legacy Data from Census 2010: Select a county from the dropdown below. View documentation.

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