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Geography Tools

Lists and Geographic Codes

  • Indiana Regions Spreadsheet: A list of Indiana counties with the regions and statistical areas in which they are located, plus county seats.
  • Every Place in Indiana Spreadsheet: A list of all the named features and places (including those that are not incorporated) in Indiana with county names, geographic codes and coordinates from the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (data current as of June 2023)
  • County FIPS Codes: A comprehensive list from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Visit StatsAmerica's Geographic Resources page for more lists and geographic crosswalk files.

Shapefiles for Mapping

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Need Maps?

  • If you would like a high-resolution version of a map you see on STATS Indiana to include in a report, email us the map's URL and the file type you need (AI, EPS, PNG or TIFF) and we'd be happy to provide it for you. Just be sure to give proper attribution to STATS Indiana and the IBRC.
  • Request printed maps from the State Library Data Center: 317-232-3732.