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Census 2020

Population Counts for States

Apportionment data released April 26, 2021.

Local Redistricting

Data needed for local redistricting is expected to be delivered by September 30, 2021.

Census 2010

2010 Demographic Profiles

Indiana's demographic profiles – which provide detail on age, race, Hispanic origin, sex and housing status were released on May 26, 2011. Summary File 1 (SF1) includes greater detail and more geographic information and was released on August 4, 2011.

Profiles for Counties, Townships, Cities/Towns, Metros/Micros and Legislative Districts

All Data by Geography

You can also access more detailed SF1 data on or from

Radius Profile

Census 2010 Circular Area Profiles (Missouri Census Data Center)

Population, Race and Housing Data Extracts

Local data from the redistricting file (P.L.94-171) for Indiana were released by the U.S. Census Bureau on February 10, 2011. We have extracted key variables from that file to enable easier use. In addition, we have made maps, profiles and other tools specifically for Indiana users!

Geographies: county, city, township, congressional district, state legislative (house and senate) districts, school districts and census tracts. Variables: total population; 18 and older; under age 18; white, black, Asian, other, and multi-race; Hispanic; white, non-Hispanic; a minority tabulation; total count of housing units, as well as the number that were occupied and the number vacant.


View the Census 2010 map gallery with interactive maps

Congressional and Legislative District Profiles

Learn more about redistricting at our Redistricting Topic Page.

New Districts Created in 2011

Don't know the district number? View district maps

Districts Created in 2001 (Current Districts as of Census 2010)

Don't know the district number? View district maps

Population Counts for States

Census 2000

Census 1990

  • Geographic Comparison Tables with 1990 and 2000 Data
    More than 30 tables with ranks and percent changes from 1990. All Indiana counties, cities, towns and townships. Use the selection options on the top frame to pick tables and select your geography.

  • 1990 Tract Data (PDF)
    PDF file containing tract data for Indiana counties on population, land area, number in poverty and percent below poverty level.

  • 1990 County Profiles
    Profile of most common population and housing data for Indiana counties.

  • 1990 City and Town Profiles

    Profile of most common population and housing data for Indiana places.

Historical Decennial Census Data

Special Censuses

Local officials frequently request a Special Census—an enumeration of population, housing units and group quarters— when there has been a significant population change in their community due to annexation or growth.

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