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About the Property Sales Disclosure Form (SDF) Data

Indiana state law (IC 6-1.1-5.5) requires the filing of a sales disclosure form (SDF) whenever real property is sold. These data are used by assessors in the determination of the annual market-based adjustments of assessed property values.

Geographic Coverage Geographic Coverage

All records are address based.

  • Current Year: Partial county coverage (learn more).
  • Prior Years: Statewide

Frequency Frequency

  • Current Year: Weekly, updated every Friday at 10am.
  • Prior Years: Annual

Timespan Time Span

July 2008 - forward

(State law has required that all property sales disclosure forms be filed electronically since July 1, 2008.)


County assessors may edit/correct prior submissions, so records in both the annual and weekly cumulative files may be revised.


Real property parcel identifying number; address; seller; buyer; and other information as identified on the form (view PDF of form), except for telephone numbers and email addresses.

Data Source

Sales disclosure forms—State Form 46021—are filed by the seller or his or her agent (such as a title company). The county assessor where the real property is located is responsible for those forms and has the ability to make certain corrections or edits to the form (correcting parcel numbers, etc.) and submits them to the county auditor and the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance collects these data in partnership with the Indiana Business Research Center. Together, the organizations developed an online form submission system as well as a data warehouse for the information as part of the Information for Indiana Initiative.

To cite this information, we recommend the following—Source: Sales Disclosure Form Database, STATS Indiana

File Formats

  • The downloads for 2021-forward are zipped files that include 5 tab-delimited files (double quotes are around each field), plus an Excel file with the metadata. The metadata file also includes 2 code tables that are used in the SDF data:┬áCode List 1 (Property Class Codes) and Code List 71 (Sales Disclosure Contact Person Codes).
  • The downloads for 2008-2020 are pipe-delimited ( | ) text files. Note that files for the full year are quite large (more than 10 MB). When opening these files in Excel, select {none} as the text qualifier and set your delimiter to Other ( | ) during the import process.

Additional Notes about the Current Year Geographic Coverage

Some counties use a third-party vendor for their SDF data collection instead of the state's online form. The current year weekly file includes data for counties using the state's online form. (You will need to view the file to see counties covered.) Also note that some counties wait and update their data only once a month.

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