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About the Monthly Labor Force Estimates (LAUS)

Under a Federal-State cooperative program between the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and each state, the BLS develops the concepts, definitions, and technical procedures used in the preparation of local area unemployment statistics (LAUS). According to BLS, monthly labor force estimates are prepared by state agencies across the nation for 6,700 geographic areas. These estimates incorporate results from the monthly Current Population Survey (CPS) conducted by the Census Bureau, but also include information from the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program (those who are currently collecting UI benefits and those who have exhausted their benefits) for the state estimates.

Geographic Coverage

Geographic Coverage

Not Seasonally Adjusted
  • United States, states, counties
  • Indiana only: metro areas, regions and custom regions
Seasonally Adjusted
  • United States and states


  • Monthly
  • Annual averages (not seasonally adjusted only)

Time Span

Not Seasonally Adjusted
  • 1976 - forward
Seasonally Adjusted
  • 1989 - forward

Note: the full time series is only available in the Time Series View

What is seasonal adjustment? [BLS]


Each month a preliminary figure for the most current month is released, but it is important to note that the previous month is also revised and re-released. For example, if preliminary April figures were released today, the final (revised) March data would also be released. So-called "benchmark" corrections also occur each year, when sub-state estimates are revised to incorporate any changes in the inputs, such as revisions in claims data. These revised sub-state estimates are then re-adjusted to sum to the revised (benchmarked) state estimates of employment and unemployment.


Labor force, employed, unemployed, unemployment rate

Dataset Characteristics

Residenced-based, key economic indicator

Data Sources

Indiana Department of Workforce Development (IDWD): Indiana counties & MSAs. Bureau of Labor Statistics: national data.

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