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Educational Attainment: High School

Educational Attainment: College

Family Households

Marital Status

Single Mothers

Single Fathers

Median Income

Per Capita Personal Income

Change in Per Capita Personal Income

Per Capita Personal Income: Share of U.S.

Average Compensation per Job: Counties

Annual Estimates

Census 2000

By Age

Voting Age Population

  • Number of Eligible Voters: Counties: 2000
  • Eligible Black Voters as a Percent of Total: States -- 2000
  • Eligible Hispanic Voters as a Percent of Total: States -- 2000
  • Hispanic Citizens as a Percent of All Hispanics: States -- 2000

Median Age


  • Speak Other than English at Home: 2000: Townships
  • Speak Spanish, with English Less than Very Well: 2000: Townships


White, Not Hispanic




American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN)

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (NHOPI)